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Posted by Endik55 - 2 weeks ago

yeah, nothing much else to say...

Posted by Endik55 - May 11th, 2020

School Exams

So, few people know that I entering my high school exams, that which have been completly fucked thanks to ongoing pandemic. This is very inportant for me as I have to pass in three different tests and I have to get my Welding Cerftificate. I have already posted a stutus on my Discord, explaning-in-short to people why my activity is gonna be wonky for the next 2 months



Well, the school is out of the way so I think I should some of the work that I have been doing or collaborated on from the Summer of 2019 to this day...

Finally I have my MAIN OC fully finished - Thanx to all, who helped me with this, very much




Mr. Musikant


Muh / Mo-rality










...and more for JB2 and Phobia, for example...

I still have more requests for sprites to do, plus my addition own or that I have unfinished

Voice Acting

Newly for me, I have joined to BlackHoleStudios' solo as a voice actor for several characters and as VA Editor

I don't expect to perform with the upholded quality or anything like - I simply joined, since I have nothing to lose

And as VA Editor, I am gonna try my best to make sure that quality of me and other is acceptable

That be all for now - thanx for your time :3

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Posted by Endik55 - January 23rd, 2020

So...Yesterday was the day like in every year with my Birthday

I am an adult now and I feel every following years, when 22nd of January is gonna pass, is gonna be the somewhat same

(Well, until my thirties, that might be)

But I got to say, I am very gratuful for your following and noting my birthday,

be it congratulating me or wishing me:


Now I wanna also dedicate this post to some of the amazing people that have made gifts for me, starting with:


Check him out on NG

Check him out on INSTAGRAM

Check him out on TWITTER


Daniel Crowford

Check him out on NG

I wanna thank Thaddeus for drawing me this amazing art, in my favorite - Yoji Shinkawas - style

But this art would not be possible without Daniel spending money on it - which has suprised me a lot

Thank you


(edited - without the party hat)


(I don't have his NG or his social media - I will add those later if he has some)

Another amazing art from TUXHR and The Rebirth party, showing our TV Boi - Stefan

Thank you



Check her out on NG

Check her out on TWITTER

Even a sketch-art does count - especially from skilled lady-artist like Kyu

Thank you



Check him out on NG

Check him out on DEVIANTART

Check him out on TUMBLR

"Hey, catch me later - I'll buy a beer"

Lubos has made cool art - signaturing, that even non-drinkers here in Czechia, must have atleast one shot of whisky/plum brandy on their birthday

Thank you



I also wanna thank all the nice congratulations and wishes from my friends and fans, here, from NG and from Discord

It means a lot to me...

Thank you all

I would expect this to be all, but as one man said:

"Prepare...for unforeseen...concequences..."

People might still have wishes to say and/or gifts to give

And I just wanna be sure by saying:

If you have any wishes to say, gifts to give...

Thank you in advance

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Posted by Endik55 - January 1st, 2020

So let me start by saying:


Yes, we have entered to a new year and a new decade

So I guess I should summarize my plans and what I would like to do in 2020

  • 400 FANS

I wanna personally thank all of you who have been following me for all those years

and who enjoy me having around - I am really grateful to you all


  • HANDZ 2.0 and MCSSP

As of the New Year, I plan to make two new packs for you - HANDZ 2.0 and MC Spriter Starter Pack

People have been asking me when will I start making these packs, and I stated that "anytime soon"

But now it is official

HANDZ 2.0 will feature:

  • Resprited hands (from the frankenstein ones to more smoother ones)
  • New tactical hands (reloads, handle chargings, shell insertion and more)
  • Hands for musical instruments (Guitar and Piano right now - more may be added, if I find someone with more IRL instruments)
  • Female hands
  • Skeleton hands
  • Cyborg / Robot hands


MC Spriter Starter Pack will be and will feature:

MCSSP will a pack won't a massive pack filled with more agents and ATPs

Instead this pack will be focused on newcomers to MC spriting - introducing them to different styles and methods of spriting their characters

I'll will be including a tutorial in form PDF - in this tutorial, there will closely described courseon how to start, how to get better and different "magic" you can apply to a OC character

It will also have a FLA bundled with:

  • HANDZ 2.0
  • Female Bodies (with different chest size, because why not :3)
  • Hair outlines
  • Clothes outlines
  • Generally small sprites of different use for clothes (belts, pins, etc.)

I am also getting help with these pack from several people and just to name a few:


(Star has been very helpful with handling and positioning weapons and ammo for me - Thanks to him, the Tactical hands become more realistic)


(He has been helpful in the past with suggesting certain hands - Now, he comes back with more suggestions)

Mr. Musikant

(Musikant offered his help, if I will encounter some difficulties)

Even you can suggest some hand types and position - if you have any ideas, you may send them here, preferably with a picture

Your help will be much appreciated

  • Sprite Commisions and finishes to my OC

Everyone, who has a promised sprite commision from me, you don't have to worry

I will finish them in near future, but any new sprite commisions as of now can't be accepted

cuz' of school and different kinds of problems

I will still be active, no worries here

I am also finishing my primary OC, finally

So, I think that's everything about my personal work

When I'll have more to show, I will post more

But for now, Good luck you all


Posted by Endik55 - December 24th, 2019

Soooo...it's that time of the year again

Well, since I writing here I might as drop something here

I had the sprites laying around from 2015, when they were still private

But here, you can have them:

Ver. 1.0:



Ver. 1.0 REDUX:




Oh and....

Merry Christmas


Posted by Endik55 - December 8th, 2019

I have already sended these on Discord servers

I am putting this here, just in case someone else asks me

I'll might update them after New Year






Posted by Endik55 - October 1st, 2019

So....Madness Day has came and with it came so fantastic works from fantastic people

As I was watching through them all, it's interesting to see that what you can do with a bit of experimentation

Jsoull's 3D work, Ellvis' fast and rapid killing movements, Zapchon's taste of background and unique places, etc.

Sure, I can also shoutout the animators who are experimenting with AS3 effects, realistic FX and SFX, animational hybrids (FBF+Seperate Bodypart movements), but I'd creating a book of names if I was shouting out names seperately...

Anyway, I think I should say something short what I think about some of the animations that we have received this years Madness Day

I won't give scores, cuz' honestly, I am not that "big" to do it, but I can still "speak my mind"...


  • This is something we don't see very often and that a change of realities, colors and generally the atmosfere. Zap has done an amazing job making this movie fast paced, bloody and unique. I can't wait for the continuation
  • Go check out Zapchon and go follow him

Singularity: Observation

  • Now this is a "treat" for you - fast paced, bloody, spinny, shooty and above all...HARDSTYLE. Ellvis has made an amazing job and it be an interesting turn to see his alternative character being the main protagonist in the second future installment
  • Go check out Ellvis and go follow him

Madness Powers: Devolution

  • From the grave, another one comes out - This one might be slow paced and for some, not too interesting - but honestly, the application of the John Wick movements, style and it's sort of "anonymous" story has made this story a good treat
  • Go check out KorboDuo and go follow him

Madness: New York Minute

  • "You want pain, I'll give you Payne" - Sentry has good inspirations for him animation and this is no different - Nice sprites, neat sounds, grunts having clothes (for once), and the atmosfere of a disgruntled of cop with cold blood in his veins packed into this movie - what more can you ask for?
  • Go check out SentryTurbo and go follow him

Kilroy Madness 3

  • Coming back to WW2 style, Diotoons has not dissapointed us and has delivered has amazing custom work that, suprisingly, some had left bamboozled in thinking if this is still a madness combat - and I am here to confirm that yes, it is and it's something you must check out
  • Go check out Diotoons and go follow him

Madness Whitehank Zero: The Mulligan

  • Damn, I didn't know we started to make The Movies - over 40 minutes of professional work and epic action and music. Well to be honest, it's phenomenal but it's bit long and most of the time it's confusing as hell, as the story is all over the place - this is actually done on purpose as this is more of the time paradox between the Wank 1 and 2
  • WARNING: If you suffer from Seizures and Epilepsy, it's best for you to not watch this, as this collab has alot of rapid movents and flasing colors
  • Go check out the animators who are in this collab

Madness Brutality Collab

  • Not that bloody, but it gets a pass - CryNN (known as Sapky) has delivered us a cool collab with some good action and music, even though it has suffered some deadline crysis'
  • Go check out the animators who are in this collab

MAXIFICATION 2: Commencement

  • More of a trailer than a full movie - it's good that it's really 3D elemetal and with a good FBF animation, but it really lacks the action, the shootouts and the punchy, bloody combat we all know - I hope the future full installment will be "worth the wait"
  • Go check out the people who work together on this with Jsoull too

Good animations and collabs you should watch too:

"And what have you done, Endi boi?"

Well, not much that I can show, but I am working together with Ghost-Kewell and some other talented people such as lanrund or Rat-Prime on A.F.M.A and I was pretty much suprised when I was questioned if I wanted to join

You can watch the Trailer here:

[Trailer]A.F.M.A-The Madness Collab

We couldn't deliver it for Madness Day, as we suffered some "technical problems" with the collabs development along the way, but if I had to speak for myself - I will do my upmost best do deliver you some nice animation from my side and I will say the same from the other collab participants, when it's completed

And speaking about the work done...

You can check out my promo art for CryNN's collab OVER HERE

And you can expect some nice sprites and arts that I am doing, aswell as requested or just gifted from and to:

  • Ghost-Kewell
  • Mr.Musikant
  • D.Crow
  • Armi
  • Toxic180
  • BOT Don

and more people, but my list is kinda getting full at the moment

These are also the people who I wanna thank you for helping me

I would say that this is not the full "transparency" I could offer, so I will make a news post about my future plans when I can, along with some showcases

Welp...I think this is all I can for now, so I am signing off and good luck to you all




Posted by Endik55 - February 16th, 2019

So...Few people, who asked for my Experimetal weapon pack on Discord, got it

And since I ain't gonna countinue making any new guns for it and @thece suggested that I should make a post about it...

Well, here they are




Be warned that the FL8 version does contain some errors, but I am a lazy boi so I cannot fix them :3



Posted by Endik55 - January 22nd, 2019


I hope I'll die


Posted by Endik55 - December 24th, 2018